Trusty Trio Hair Products

Hello! Do you have issues getting your hair to cooperate? Or just can't find the right product for your hair? I may be able to help with that!

Unite Hair Products are my top favorite line. They never fail me. I have been doing weddings for 6 years, and I swear by Unite products!

7 Seconds Leave in Conditioner:

This one is great for adding moisture to your hair (and face!) 7 Seconds smells so fresh and clean you'll want to keep adding it to your hair. And guess what?! You CAN do that and it won't be too heavy on your hair. If you live in a humid area like I do, you'll want this product. It is a real life saver. Remember, if you add moisture to your hair, the humidity won't effect it! It can be used on dry or wet hair.

Unite Texturiza Spray:

Holy cow this stuff is awesome! If you need some texture to your baby soft hair, or something to give some grip to your style, Texturiza is for you. This product is used on dry hair so you don't have to over-work your hair while styling.

Unite Expands Dust:

If you have never used a texturizing dust before this may seem odd! A texturing dust is similar to dry shampoo, except it basically doubles the width of your individual hair strands. The dust clings to your hair making it perfect for getting your hair to stay in the style intended. With this product, you can use too much! So start with a few sprinkles and brush it through you hair. You will have instant volume and feel luxurious.

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